Dr. Travis was wonderful! It was one of the most thorough dermatological full body exams I have ever had. I had prepared my own list of areas I wanted examined. Dr. Travis checked all of them and specifically asked me if she had answered all of my questions. She gave me the choice of having a questionable area biopsied or just wait until the next follow-up appointment for a recheck. She was responsive to my request to have the biopsy done today rather than wait. Another area which might very well be a form of skin cancer on my scalp was also found. She recommended I also have that biopsied, but done by another dermatologist in the practice who is also the MOHS surgeon in case it does need further treatment, dependent on the results of the biopsy. That will be done next week. Very professional, competent and thorough. The medical assistant was great too. I will follow-through on Dr. Travis’ recommendations and plan to continue to see her. Great treatment. Highly recommend her!!!